Free teaching material for the innovative Solar Water Heaters installer!

The learning module is designed for companies that specialize in installation and for people already working in the engineering sector. The teaching module is free available because of the participation of ROC Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen within the internationalization project Vital Rural Area. This learning module is also used within the regular course of ROC Friese Poort. The students learn how this works and how solar water heaters should be installed. They will thus have added value for SMEs, allowing them to increase their job opportunities.

The purpose of the digital learning module Solar water heaters is broadening knowledge concerning the design and installation requirements of solar water heaters and translating technical specifications into customer benefits. There are two courses are available, namely:

  • Design and Selection System (office)
  • Installation and maintenance (mechanics)
  • Heat pumps (in preparation)

You can use the learning modules found under the Courses button.